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What is The Best Tasting Protein Spread on The Market


After testing and tasting many different protein spreads made with almonds and peanuts we have to say that the Buff Bake Protein Spreads are our favorite to eat and spread on anything.   Buff Bake is a relatively small company ran by two female cousins out of California and we happen to think they make the best protein spreads on the market.  You can find Buff Bake Protein Spreads all over the country now in many whole foods markets, GNC's as well as Vitamin Shops but the best prices can be found right here at Planetary Nutrition.   Our favorite flavors of the Peanut and Almond Spreads by Buff Bake are:

Buff Bake Peanut Spreads

Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate

Buff Bake Almond Spreads



Buff Bake Protein Spreads

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Are Oh Yeah One Bars the Best Tasting Protein Bars

Looking for a new protein bar that taste great and has great macros?  If you like the Quest Bars but are looking for a change, you may want to give the Oh Yeah One Bars are try.  We have found them to be softer, tastier and great change if you are looking for something new.  The [...]

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New Metabolic Nutrition Musclean Muscle Building Protein

Its officially bulking season where most serious lifters are trying to gain muscle without adding fat.  Some bodybuilders make the mistake of eating "dirty" foods filled with saturated fats and simple sugars to get their calories in.  The issue with eating dirty foods is that you will likely gain some muscle but also gain a [...]

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Pumpkin Pie Quest Bars In Stock

Quest Nutrition has come out with a limited edition Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar.  This quest bar is a little different in texture in that it has a rice krispies type texture on the outside with a sweet pumpkin pie coating.  With 21 grams of protein and low net carbs they make a perfect addition to any [...]

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Hyde V2 and Mr Hyde Pre Workout Now in Cotton Candy

Hyde V2 and Mr Hyde Pre Workouts are some of the leading preworkout powders on the market by Prosupps. Prosupps has recently added the new flavor Cotton Candy to both products.   Potent combination of high-powered thermogenic compoundsFirst ever pre-workout to contain noopept for crystal clear focus and mental acuityEfficacious dose of Creatine Nitrate in every serving3 [...]

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New Ep1c Unleashed in Stock

Olympus Labs flagship supplement Ep1c has been improved upon and is now called Ep1c Unleashed.  If you are not familiar with Ep1c, this particular supplement is hot among power lifters and bodybuilders to help them boost strength and endurance.  The old Ep1c was a great formula itself and used a full dose of epicatechin which has [...]

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Quest Bar Mint Chocolate Chunk In Stock

If you are looking for the new Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar, we have it in stock.  We have tasted the new Mint Chocolate Chunk and it is very good.  Each bar is rich in chocolate with chunks of mint and a cookie like crunch that makes it very enjoyable.  It is similar to the cookies [...]

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Myokem mTOR Pro BCAA

Myokem mTOR PRO is the latest BCAA supplement to hit the industry and its the first time released BCAA that we know of.  Myokem was one of the top new brands of 2014 coming out with great innovative products like pyroxamine and magnitropin, and now they have released mTOR  Pro which is a time released bcaa recovery [...]

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Salted Caramel Power Crunch Bars In Stock

If you are looking for a great tasting protein energy bar thats not too filling and taste great, you will want to check out the Power Crunch Bars.  Power Crunch Bars have a wafer like consistency with a sweet taste so they are light yet very satisfying for a snack.  Power Crunch Bars have been around [...]

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Irwin Naturals Aller-Pure Non Drowsy Allergy Relief

If you are suffering from the pollen season and looking for some allergy relief in a natural form, take a look at Irwin Naturals Aller-Pure.  Aller-Pure is a synergistic combination of the best naturals ingredients to help support and strong immune system while providing allergy relief. 

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