Allmax Nutrition New Preworkout H:VOL

Allmax Nutrition New Preworkout H:VOL

1st Oct 2014

There are hundreds of preworkout powders on the market in our industry and sometimes it gets daunting to choose just one.  Allmax Nutrition has recently released its new and improved formula of H:VOL also known as Hemanovol.  Its a low stimulant preworkout that is designed to provide and increase, in focus, concentration, muscle pumps and stamina without giving you the intense stimulant or energy often associated with preworkout powders.  

H:VOL would be a great fit for someone who either cant tolerant high amounts of stimulants or someone that wants a good preworkout for late in the day such as a 6:00pm workout.  Allmax uses only the best trademarked ingredients that are proven in the marketplace and you can be assured the quality is very high with Allmax Nutrition on the label.  

So Why would anyone use H:VOL?  

-Increased motiviation and intensity 

-Increase blood flow to the muscles

-Increased Stamina and Endurance

Can H:VOL be used with other supplements?

Yes, in fact many users often combine it with Allmax's Razor 8 Blast, which is a high stimulant preworkout.  Isoflex Whey Protein could also be used after the workout for maximum recovery and muscle growth.