Arnold Classic 2014 Predictions

Arnold Classic 2014 Predictions

17th Feb 2014

The Arnold Classic has become the biggest venue in bodybuilding history.  Initially the Arnold Classic was strictly a contest for bodybuilders, however that has changed over the years.  Now the Arnold Classic is called the Arnold Sports Festival because it has grown not only in size but the expo has a ton of various types of contest ranging from wrestling, fencing, crossfit, strongman and of course bodybuilding shows.  You can also see lots of various booths from Supplement companies and purchase or try out many products and supplements while you are there. 

The event is going to be held on the weekend of 2/28 in Columbus Ohio and tickets can be purchased from or ticket master.

As for bodybuilding shows there will be the Arnold Classic and Arnold Classic 212 divisions, as well as Figure, Fitness and Bikini for the female competitors.  

The Arnold Classic is typically the biggest event because its the best of the best for Mens Pro Bodybuilding.  Here is a list of the competitors for the Arnold Classic 2014:

2014 Arnold Classic Competitors

Evan Centopani
Brandon Curry
Toney Freeman
Cedric MacMillan
Victor Martinez
Edward Nunn
Ben Pakulski
Shawn Rhoden
Fred Smalls
Branch Warren
Dennis Wolf

Our 2014 Arnold Predictions are 

1) Dennis Wolf

2) Shawn Rhoden

3) Roelly Winklaar

4) Ben Pakulski

5) Evan Centopani

We have Roelly Winklaar as 3rd but he seems to be missing from the competitor list now, so if he doesnt enter look for Branch Warren and Victor Martinez to possibly crack top 5.  We have much respect for the veterans but believe this show will be very competitive.  It should be noted that Shawn Rhoden, Victor Martinez and Brandon Curry have all won the Arnold Classic in previous years.  Dennis Wolf is the huge favorite because he looked spectacular in this years Mr. Olympia and placed 3rd only behind Kai Greene and Phil Heath.   If Dennis comes in tight and dry he will take it.  Even though we dont predict Brandon Curry, Toney Freeman, Cedric McMillian, Branch Warren or Victor Matinez to crack the top 3, any of them really are capable of making top 3 when they bring their best to the show.  Its going to be the most competitive and interesting Arnold Classic in the history of the show.  Here are our predictions, however keep in mind these are only our opinions and meant to be fun!

New for the 2014 is the Arnold Classic 212 Division

The IFBB Pro League event is open to professional men’s bodybuilders who weigh 212 pounds or less.

The competitors include  Flex Lewis, David Henry, Jose Raymond and Tricky Jackson. 

Arnold Classic 2014 212lb Predictions

1) Flex Lewis

2) David Henry

3) Jose Raymond

All three of these guys are very impressive, however Flex Lewis proved to be the best at the Mr Olympia.