Arnold Classic Results

2nd Mar 2014

Arnold Classic Results | Dennis Wolf Wins

Congratulations to Dennis Wolf on winning the 2014 Arnold Classic Open!

Arnold Classic 2014 Scorecard

The Results of the 2014 Arnold Classic

1) Dennis Wolf

2) Shawn Rhoden

3) Cedric McMillan

4) Victor Martinez

5) Evan Centopani

6) Branch Warren

7) Ben Pakulski

8) Brandon Curry

9) Toney Freeman

10) Edward Nunn

11) Fred Smalls

Dennis Wolf took the crown as expected, however he had his work cut out for him with Shawn Rhoden.  Both competitors looked extremely sharp and head and shoulders above the rest of the field.  Cedric McMillan finally brought his A game to the show and was also very impressive.  Victor Martinez surprised us a little with a 4th place finish although we new he had the tools.  Evan and Branch were right where we thought they would be and Ben Pakulski finished out of the top five.  Pakulski's legs are just too big for the upper body and thus made him look unsymmetrical.  

212 Arnold Classic Results

1) James Flex Lewis

2) David Henry

3) Aaron Clark

4) Hidetada Yamagishi 

5) Jose Raymond

6) Charles Dixon

Flex Lewis took the crown as expected with David Henry also looking incredible.  I really like the new 212 division and these guys looked great.  Jose Raymond didnt finish as high as we expected, however he had a very respectable finish at #5.  

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