Chike Protein Coffee Review

8th Jan 2014

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Looking for a Chike Protein Coffee Review?

At first glance something that says "Protein Coffee" sounds weird right?  Why would someone want to have protein with their coffee?  Many Americans grab a cup a coffee and head out the door every morning while having little to no nutrients for breakfast.  Now if you could have your coffee and have some protein together and it taste great, wouldnt you want to feed your body in the morning?  

Many people think whey protein is for muscle builders, bodybuilders etc.., however having protein in the diet and it be low fat/low suger is a fantastic way to actually lose weight.  Think of whey protein as a way to get quick good quality protein such as chicken or fish without having to cook and keeping your calories in check.  

But how does Chike Protein Coffee Taste?

To be honest we had never heard of the company that makes it, so we were reluctant to bring it into our inventory.  Our distributor provided some samples for us to try and my whole family loved the taste and texture of this protein.  It is a very strong coffee flavor but taste great and mixes well also.  

This protein isnt for everyone, but if you like Coffee and Protein, you will love Chike Protein Coffee.