Genepro - Medical Grade Protein Powder in 30 servings and NEW 90 servings

Genepro - Medical Grade Protein Powder in 30 servings and NEW 90 servings

5th Feb 2015


Genepro by Musclegen Research is considered a medical grade protein powder.  We decided to blog about it, this month because a lot of questions are coming in regarding this protein.  First of all, what is Genepro?  

Genepro is a medical grade protein from whey protein.  It is considered a tri-protein (instantized whey, hydrolized whey and patent pending hexapeptide protein) and is processed differently from most forms of whey protein.  With this process the folks at Musclegen Research are able to get 30 grams of high quality whey from just 1 tablespoon of actual powder.  The process also makes the granules so small that it instantly mixes into just about any beverage or food you can think of.  Along with these great benefits, you are also getting immediate absorption which bypasses the digestive system giving you better absorption than other whey proteins.  

Genepro is tasteless and considered unflavored, therefore great for smoothies or simply putting it into your morning coffee.  It is very easy on the digestive tract as earlier stated, so its great for bariatric patients, gluten sensitive or lactose intolerant individuals.  

Genepro comes in a 1 lb bag that contains 30 servings or a NEW 3lb Container with 90 Servings.  Each have a small scoop measured for 1 serving.  

Easily mix Genepro with







You can mix it in soda, however when we tested this it did create quite a bit of foam which made it undesirable for us.  

If you are looking for a protein after bariatric surgery, Genepro is a great source. 

If you are tired of drinking chalky shakes that dont mix well or having stomach issues give Genepro Protein a try.