How to Buy Protein Powder Online

Posted by Planetary Nutrition on 29th Jan 2014


With so many protein powders on the market today and everyone using their phones to purchase, its important that you know how to buy protein powder online and what type of protein powder to look for. From my experience dealing face to face with customers, I would say that the most important factors are price, taste and quality and probably in that order for a lot of people. The first thing I typically ask is what flavor you do like?  The reason is that you have certain brands that are better than others at Chocolate but not so good at Vanilla.  Maybe you want a good coffee protein so you can get your coffee fix in the morning. If that is the case you would want to make sure you know which brands make a coffee flavored protein.   Quite recently real coffee is being put into the protein powder so that you get the caffeine and great coffee taste within your protein drink.  

The next question I might ask would be are you looking for the highest quality or protein that has more value for the money.  And let be clear here, everyone wants a good bargain, however bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are typically very much into buying the highest quality protein powder, while the average joe that makes a fruit smoothie in the morning cares more about it just mixing well and tasting great.  

Three Important Factors to Buying Protein Powder Online

- Price

- Quality

- Flavor and Taste

Three of Planetary Nutritions Favorites 

1)  CSN Protein Pro Whey Standard - This makes the top of the list because it is a protein powder that you can get in many different flavors and they are all great tasting, as well as the Pro whey has a good value for money.  The quality is about middle of the road in terms of whey protein because it is a mixture of whey concentrate and whey isolate, therefore likely not at the highest mark.  CSN Protein is however our best selling protein powder and we can vouch for the taste and how it mixes.

2) Isoflex Protein - Isoflex is pure whey isolate powder and would be considered the highest mark in quality.  This protein mixes great and digests very easily, but along with quality comes a little more in price.  If you are serious about building muscle, have stomach distress or like some of the flavors this is a great protein.  The Chocolate Peanut Butter is by far our most sold flavor and tastes incredible.  

3) Chike Protein Coffee - We have been talking alot about Chike lately and their Protein Coffee.  This protein powder is a coffee lovers dream.  You can blend it and make a frozen coffee treat or pour it over ice like Iced Coffee.  It has 20 grams of protein per serving with real coffee mixed in, however only 2 grams of sugar.  We have a video review of the Chike Protein Coffee here :  

Other Brands of Protein Powder Online

Whether you want high quality, great value or the perfect flavor, always make sure to go with a reputable brand of protein powder before buying online.   There are many great protein manufacturers, so we have narrowed it down to three for you in this article.  Other great brands to check out would be Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize Nutrition and Myogenix to name a few.  We hope this article helps you know how to buy protein powder online.