Is Follidrone the Best Supplement of 2014

Is Follidrone the Best Supplement of 2014

17th Jun 2014

Follidrone has taken the supplement industry by storm and is made by Black Lion Research out of California. Follidrone is a natural extract containing a high dose of -epicatechin.  Epicatechin can be found in cacao beans and tea and is considered a great antioxidant for the body.  Little is known as to how the effects are occuring in Follidrone but users are reported significant increases in endurance, strength, muscle while reporting no side effects.  

Black Lion Research has indicated it may be reducing myostatin which would explain some of the effects.   Myostatin deficiency result in increased muscle mass and strength in normal animals according to research.  Some experts in the industry are chalking follidrone up to a placebo effect, however Black Lion has dozens and dozens of logs from individuals raving over this supplement.  

If you are looking for a supplement that is all natural, will not effect your hormones and will give you endurance, strength and muscle then I would take a hard look at Follidrone.  So far, Black Lion has not been able to keep up with the demand as it literally sells out within hours, if not minutes.  We had a generous supply of the product a few weeks ago and sold out within an hour or two.  This certainly tells us that the supplement is the real deal and customers are getting great results.

Follidrone Users Based on Logs Experience:

-Quick, rapid increases in endurance within days

-Muscle Gain without fat accumulation

-Strength in all lifts

Studies indicate (-)-epicatechin -

-Increases follistatin and lowers myostatin.
-Increases endurance and exercise capacity.
-Induces changes in skeletal muscle that mimics exercise and induces muscle growth.
-Improves markers for good health including improving lipid profile.

In logs and reviews we see~

- Weight gain of up to 11lbs.
- Exceptionally high increase in endurance.
- Strength gain including multiple personal record increases and up to 90lbs increase on lifts has been seen not just in our trials but also in non sponsored public logs.
-Insane pumps.
-Significant fat loss while still gaining weight!
-HDL increase
-Triglyceride decrease

Follidrone can be taken by male or females and so far there is no bad side effects reported.  One user actually reported a better lipid profile while being on it.

If you want to buy Follidrone we will have more around the end of June.