Is Synedrex Discontinued

6th Apr 2014

Alot of consumers who love Synedrex are asking us if Synedrex is discontinued.  According to Metabolic Nutrition, the manufacturer of Synedrex, it will be back within a couple weeks, most likely May 1st..  If you are tired of waiting for Synedrex and want a good Synedrex replacement we recommend Synetherm.  We feel that Synetherm is a good replacement and is also a 1 pill per day formula.  Synedrex will be back soon and is not discontinued!

How do you know its not discontinued

We know Synedrex isnt discontinued because we have received new samples of Synedrex and its almost ready to go.  Metabolic Nutrition is finishing up testing and then putting on the labels.  It should be at the most 5/1 when its received.