Looking to Carb up? Check out Prosupps Karbolic

28th Jan 2014

Prosupps Karbolic

Prosupps Karbolic is a great choice for a sugarless carbohydrate supplement.  In our Planetary Review we go over taste, mixability and ingredients of the Unflavored Karbolic.

Why would you use Karbolic?

-Restore Glycogen levels quickly

-Great Muscle Pumps and Endurance

-Natural Stamina for increasing Aerobic Capacity

-Good Nutrition (perfect carb source for increasing calories without increasing waistline)

I have personally been using Prosupps Karbolic for several months now with my CSN Protein while doing intermittent fasting.  I have found Karbolic to really help break my fast at 12:00 and keep me full for many hours after that.  Karbolic has a great taste and mixes really well considering it is a starchy carb.   It also gives your natural energy and endurance for your workout along with great muscle pumps.  You really can use Karbolic in several different ways.  I know from personal experience its good for helping weight loss, but also great for Muscle Gain, Endurance events such as Marathons and Crossfit etc...Very simply put, Karbolic is a way to eat alot of carbs in a liquid format without stressing your stomach as well as this type of carb gets into the body quickly.

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