Myokem mTOR Pro BCAA

Myokem mTOR Pro BCAA

28th Apr 2015

Myokem mTOR PRO

Myokem mTOR PRO is the latest BCAA supplement to hit the industry and its the first time released BCAA that we know of.  Myokem was one of the top new brands of 2014 coming out with great innovative products like pyroxamine and magnitropin, and now they have released mTOR  Pro which is a time released bcaa recovery supplement with added ingredients for hydration, endurance and stamina.

Myokem mTOR Pro comes in 30 servings containers and the flavor is Havana Sunrise, which we are guessing will taste tropical between orange, strawberry and coconut.

Who would want to take mTOR Pro

BCAA Supplements are used for anyone that wants to recover faster and repair muscles from exercise allowing your muscles to grow.  Athletes, particularly those involved with long duration sports such as running, cycling and soccer to name a few would see great benefits from recovery, less muscle soreness and cramps along with better hydration.

Myokem mTOR PRO Ingredients