New Ep1c Unleashed in Stock

New Ep1c Unleashed in Stock

3rd Jun 2015

Ep1c Unleashed with Phytofuse

Olympus Labs flagship supplement Ep1c has been improved upon and is now called Ep1c Unleashed.  If you are not familiar with Ep1c, this particular supplement is hot among power lifters and bodybuilders to help them boost strength and endurance.  The old Ep1c was a great formula itself and used a full dose of epicatechin which has been shown to increase strength and possibly reduce myostatin.  The new version called Ep1c Unleashed still uses a full dose of epicatechin but has also added their phytofuse delivery system to allow your body to absorb the supplement better.

PhytoFUSETM – Enhanced Delivery System

EP1C Unleashed also utilizes a unique delivery technology, PhytoFUSETM, to further enhance the bioavailability of Epi. While the poor bioavailability of catechins has hampered use, PhytoFUSETM helps to overcome these issues. That’s right, we poured funding into the research & development and testing of a completely new delivery system. What other company can claim that? Research has shown that this method of delivery can enhance potency anywhere from 2x-6x! That means that EP1C Unleashed is 200 – 600% more potent than Epi alone! This enhanced delivery system, unique to Olympus Labs, utilizes specific lipids to complex with Epi on a molecular level, allowing for greater solubility and enhancing bioavailability, helping to effectively shuttle and prevent degradation en route to the intestines where it can be taken up. This means that more ingredient is delivered to the site where it can be utilized effectively, ready to be delivered to the bloodstream to flood your muscles with potent myogenic factors.

EP1C Unleashed Benefits:

  • Increased strength and power output
  • Increased endurance / stamina
  • Enhanced vascularity
  • Fat oxidation
  • Muscle growth and differentiation
  • Overall health benefits