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New PES Select Protein Flavors Blondie and Peanut Butter Cup


If you havent tried Physical Enhancing Science's Select Protein Powders then you have been missing out on some very high quality tasting protein shakes.  PES' most notable flavor that really seems to be a favorite in the industry is their Snicker doodle, which is a top seller.  PES has recently come out with two new flavors of their Select Protein, Blondie and Peanut Butter Cup.  Blondie is a combination of chocolate, vanilla, cookie and caramel while Peanut Butter Cup is the perfect combination of Chocolate and Peanut Butter that we all love.

Select Protein Highlights

Gluten Free

0 Amino Fillers

Low Carb/Low Fat

Superior Whey/Casein Blend

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