PES Norcodrene Coming Soon

28th Jan 2014

PES is coming out with its first thermogenic to the market, called Norcodrene.  For those that dont know PES, they are well known in the bodybuilding community for their muscle building supplements primarily, such as the very popular Erase and Erase Pro.  Just recently they have also come out with Select Protein Powder as well.  PES Norcodrene seems to be all the buzz because it is a fat burner and fat burners typically generate a lot of buzz.

PES Norcodrene

PES Norcodrene Facts.  

Proprietary Blend     225mg   550mg 

* TGR5a-Infused Matrix - - - CirsiumPlex Blend (Cirsium Oligophyllum (whole plant) Extract, Japanese Thistle (root) Extract), Grapefruit (seed) Extract (Nomilean), Selaginella Tamariscina (whole plant) Extract (Standardized for Amentoflavone) - - - Thermo Energy Matrix - - * Yohimbe (bark) Extract (Standardized for Alkaloids)(SA2-A), Nelumbo Nucifera (seed) Extract (Standardized for Higenamine) - - - Caffeine100mg200mg *

So What does that ingredient list mean for Norcodrene?

In taking a look at the ingredients they only have 100mg of caffeine, so its likely not going to have a huge energy punch but rather a nice smooth energy.  Most of these ingredients are well known in the industry and produce good results for a good fat burner, however there are a couple ingredients that are not recognized and quite new.  My gut feeling is that this will feel a lot like the original oxy elite by usp labs, however more information from PES on Norcodrene is needed.