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Purus Labs Introduces New Teacrine Fat Burner


The industry was buzzing at the Mr. Olympia over the latest new fat burner by Purus Labs called Theatrim. Theatrim is thought to rival the latest products taken off the market that used to contain geranium oil aka 1,3 dimethyl such as Oxyelite Pro.  The fat burner will contain teacrine, which is a patent pending natural extract tha is brand new to market.  Teacrine is producing energy beyond standard caffeine with noticabel improvements in focus and concentration.  Planetary Nutrition has placed their order and will have stock very soon.  Place your preorder now to be the first to try the new Theatrim.

Purus Labs secured a deal to introduce patent-pendingTEACRINE™ to the world with their latest thermogenic Purus Labs THEATRIM™! The Teacrine™ ingredient will be able to provide energy beyond caffeine and having clean energy that moves you and doesn’t relent.

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