The Hype of Epicatechin as a Muscle Building Supplement

The Hype of Epicatechin as a Muscle Building Supplement

26th Jun 2014

What is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is an extract primarily found in cocoa and tea.  It is a strong antioxidant thought to be great for the body and overall heart health.  People love healthy supplements but a supplement in the industry doesnt get popular typically by being a great antioxidant.  So why is there currently alot of hype over Epicatechin?

When you first start to learn about Epicatechin as a supplement, you quickly realize there are many different varieties of the extract and thus you have to dig a little deeper to learn that its the 


That really provides performance and athletic benefits.  Currently there is a leader in the supplement industry producing the first epicatechin supplement extract called Follidrone by Black Lion Research.  Although there have been a lot of skeptical bodybuilders, you cannot deny the amount of users that have reported significant gains in muscle, strength and endurance.  From speaking to some of the users it sounds like the endurance benefit is huge and the one effect thats very noticeable within a week of use.  Giving the credit where credit is due, Black Lion Research was the first and only manufacturer of -epicatechin as a muscle builder and so far they are reaping the benefits of being first to market with Follidrone.  

So why is -Epicatechin or Follidrone so popular? 

Its very rare in the supplement industry to find a supplement that is completely 100% natural and found in nature that is producing very real results.  Imagine a supplement that can give you dramatic gains in muscle, strength and endurance but is also great for your health.  This is extremely rare in the supplement market.

Follidrone will be huge for athletes because this supplement is completely ok with all testing standards.  Imagine college and pro athletes being able to take something they will help them with their gains in size, strength and speed but completely natural and non hormonal.  No need for steroids when you have Follidrone!

Currently there are several clones of Follidrone like EP1C by Olmpus Labs and many others will likely start to sell their own -epicatechin supplement.  We recommend Follidrone as the leader and the purest extract.

Do you think the hype is for real?  Everyone has their own expectations, but it is clear at this point that most are receiving good results that are measurable.