The Top Fat Burners 2014

2nd Feb 2014

Top Fat Burners 2014

As I sent here drinking my morning coffee, I decided to write about the top fat burners of 2013 and why they are having to discontinue or reformulate their labels and what will be the top fat burners of 2014.  Two such supplements that come to mind are USP Labs Oxyelite and Metabolic Nutritions Synedrex.  Both Fat Burners contain what is now called DMAA or Geranium Oil.  The ingredient was quite controversial as to whether it was found in nature and deemed a natural supplement.  USP Labs in particular, fought the FDA for a while on the issue, but like ALL other occasions, the FDA won that battle.  So why was DMAA pulled from the market?  From what I understand there were some adverse events reported which causes the FDA to investigate and make sure the supplements are safe.  For the large majority, DMAA was used safely and effectively however there were enough reported adverse events for the FDA to advise the supplement companies to remove it from its products.  As move into 2014, consumers are looking for a fat burner that will replace their oxyelite or synedrex to name a few that had DMAA.  Consumers want supplements that work but they also want supplements that are safe, for good reason.  With that said, we have been trying to find the new, top fat burners of 2014 that will be as effective but safer for the consumer.

Metabolic Nutrition will be releasing Synedrex early May so we've heard and it is possible that they will have a formula that will be even better than the original.   We expect Synedrex to continue with an effective fat burner and it is one of our top sellers.  USP Labs has not come out with anything new in terms of Oxyelite, however they have had some bad luck with their last two formulas.  USP Labs is a company that stands behind the quality of their supplements and Im sure when they do release a new fat burner it will be good, however we havent heard of anything coming anytime soon.  

If you are looking for an Oxyelite replacement, we think a very good fat burner that rivals Oxyelite is called Ampilean by Lecheek Nutrition.  It contains something called AMP Citrate or (4-Amino-2-Methylpentane Citrate) as its also called.  This ingredient is said to be similar to 1,3 dimethyl or dmaa as its commonly called although with a shorter half like and smoother feel.  What that means is that it will likely be as effective but will not have the 8 to 10 hour lasting power.  Users will probably report more of a 4-6 hour effect, so you will probably need or want to dose twice per day in most cases.  I believe this will be a hot new supplement for 2014 and the products that have it will likely be some of the top fat burners of 2014.

Ok, so if AMP citrate is going to be hot in 2014, then Im sure you want to know which fat burners have it.  Here is a list of fat burners so far that contain AMP Citrate.

Top Fat Burners 2014

1) Lecheek Ampilean

2) Metabolic Nutrition Synedrex