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What is The Best Tasting Protein Spread on The Market


After testing and tasting many different protein spreads made with almonds and peanuts we have to say that the Buff Bake Protein Spreads are our favorite to eat and spread on anything.   Buff Bake is a relatively small company ran by two female cousins out of California and we happen to think they make the best protein spreads on the market.  You can find Buff Bake Protein Spreads all over the country now in many whole foods markets, GNC's as well as Vitamin Shops but the best prices can be found right here at Planetary Nutrition.   Our favorite flavors of the Peanut and Almond Spreads by Buff Bake are:

Buff Bake Peanut Spreads

Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate

Buff Bake Almond Spreads



Buff Bake Protein Spreads

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