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When will Synedrex be back in Stock?


If you are not familiar with Metabolic Nutritions fat burner Synedrex it is primarily their flagship product and our top selling fat burner.  We realize that our customers are anxious to get their hands on the new batch of Synedrex and we can assure you, we are just as anxious to receive it.  We have been in contact with Metabolic Nutrition on several occasions and they have pushed the date out on us several times.  Originally the date was to be 2/24, then 3/7, then 4/2 and now they are saying a couple more weeks.  So why is it taking so long?  Thats a great question, but Im sure it has to do with quality assurance and making sure the product is going to be safe and effective for the consumers.  Even though everyone is getting impatient, its probably for the best to make sure the product works well and most importantly is safe.  We promise to our customers that we will get your shipment out the day we receive Synedrex.

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