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Clear Muscle™ - MuscleTech®

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Muscle Tech Clear Muscle

Clear Muscle is the latest muscle building supplement by Muscle Tech


Whats the big Hype around Clear Muscle?

Clear muscle represents the latest breakthrough in muscle building to be considered a natural supplement.  A blind study was conducted by Muscle Tech and users reports significant gains in muscle and strength.  Results shows a 16 increase in lean muscle over a 12 week period compared to only 4lb in the placebo group.




CLEAR MUSCLE™ is the first in its class to contain BetaTOR™, which is a free acid derivative of HMB and metabolite of leucine. This compound is superior in terms of absoption and the result is increases in mass and strength.

CLEAR MUSCLE™ ®gets its name because its in a clear liquid pill. As you can see below, the free acid nature of the compound gives it a viscous, water-like consistency and transparency. In fact, the free acid nature of BetaTOR™ allows it to digest and appear in the bloodstream quickly, and also delivers a superior muscle absorption rate.

Clear Muscle Directions

Take 1 serving (2 capsules), in the morning, mid-afternoon, and evening. On workout days, take 1 of these servings 30 minutes before training. Do not exceed 3 servings (6 capsules) in a 24-hour period. To maximize your results, use the exact same training protocol as the subjects in the 12-week study.