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Isoflex Whey Protein


Iso Flex protein is a whey protein isolate made by Allmax Nutrition.   Allmax stands behind their iso flex protein as being the purest quality in the whey market.  Each batch of isoflex is tested for quality assurance to make sure their customers receive the best whey protein.  Most people look for several things when shopping for the best whey protein, including quality, taste, mixibility and price.  Allmax Nutrition has you covered in all of those categories.  They provide great quality, great taste, great mixibility and for the highest % of protein a fantastic price.  When shopping for whey protein you cant simple compare price because you will likely receive poor quality containing as little as 20% protein.   ISOFLEX contains 90% whey protein at that is extremely high for the industry.  You can also tell of good quality by the amount of protein per scoop.  ISOFLEX has 27grams per scoop in most flavors, making it one of the highest we have seen. 

Iso Flex protein combines four proprietary delivery systems. The ingredients in each system work synergistically to provide a high-quality and great-tasting protein powder that's been designed to help you reach your goals. The four systems of Iso Flex:

1. WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) Complex [WPI Fortified]: CTP (Cold Temperature Process), cross- flow microfiltered whey protein isolate, WPI (97% Whey Protein Isolate). This high quality whey protein isolate complex can help you reach your body-shaping goals.

2. NOS Complex (Ultra-Flow Delivery): contains arginine, taurine and folic acid. Designed to increase blood flow and increase nitrogen and whey peptide delivery. It can also boost nitric oxide levels, thereby speeding up recovery and protein delivery to muscle tissues.

3. Glutamine Complex [GLUTASURE TECHNOLOGY]: Naturally occurring glutamine peptides - 100% fermented source lactoferrin. Designed to improve recovery and provide immune support.

4. IS Complex [Rapid Absorption]: Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), d-Pinitol and 4-Hydroxylsoleucine. Designed to increase protein uptake and insulin support.

Isoflex Protein is 100% sourced from USA

ISOFLEX protein powder has an excellent macronutrient profile:

  • 27 grams of active whey protein isolate
  • High concentration of BCAAs and glutamine
  • Fast-absorbing with 4 advanced delivery systems
  • Advanced cold temperature process microfiltration
  • 6 delicious flavors
  • 0 grams of fat
  • Only 1 gram of carbohydrate
  • Only 1 gram of sugar
  • Over 98% lactose-free
  • 7 critical cofactors
  • Peanut-free (except Peanut Butter Chocolate)
  • Completely aspartame-free

Isoflex Protein Review in the Planetary Showdown

"ISOFLEX whey protein isolate matrix, for the taste you crave and the results you demand!"

Every lot of ALLMAX proteins are tested for heavy metals. No lot is ever released if it does not pass these tests

Serving Size 1Scoop (30g)
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving    % Daily Value
Calories    111   
Fat    0.1g    0%
Saturated    0.1g    0%
+ Trans Fat    0g    -
Cholesterol    1.5mg    1%
Carbohydrates    0.5g    0%
Sugars    0.5g    -
Fiber    0.3g    0%
Sodium    53mg    2%
Potassium    140mg    4%
Protein    27g    -
Percent Of Recommended Daily Intake   
Vitamin A        0%
Vitamin C        2%
Calcium        13%
Iron        1%
Amino Acid Profile Per Serving (30g)   
L-Alanine‡    1377mg   
L-Arginine    567mg   
L-Aspartic Acid    2835mg   
L-Cystine    648mg   
L-Glutamic Acid    4617mg   
L-Glycine    432mg   
L-Histidine‡    432mg   
L-Hydroxyproline†‡    27mg   
L-Isoleucine†‡    1674mg   
L-Leucine    2889mg   
L-Lysine    2997mg   
L-Methionine‡    594mg   
L-Phenylalanine    756mg   
L-Proline    1485mg   
L-Serine‡    1188mg   
L-Threonine‡    1755mg   
L-Tryptophan‡    459mg   
L-Tyrosine†‡    756mg   
L-Valine    1512mg   
TOTAL    27000mg   
† Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
†† Essential Amino Acids (EAA)
Other Ingredients
[Whey Protein Isolate Complex [Whey Protein Isolate, WPI97 (Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate), Alpha-Lactalbumin-Rich Whey Peptides, Synermune™ Colostrum], NOS Complex [L-Arginine, Folic Acid, NAC], Glutamine Complex [Glutamine Peptides], LS Complex [Alpha Lipoic Acid, D-Pinitol, 4-Hydroxyisoleucine], Real Chocolate Chips, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Lactoferrin, Acesulfame-Potassium, Sucralose, Guar Gum