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Musclean by Metabolic Nutrition

Musclean is a lean muscle weight gainer

Musclean is the perfect weight gainer/ muscle building protein that will allow you to put on good clean weight without the fat.  Too many weight gainers are filled with cheap carbs and sugars to promote fat storage as well and can wreak havoc on your digestive system.  Musclean takes a completely different approach by adding very few carbs but also adding in healthy fats to give you the calories you need to grow.  Musclean can be used for clean bulking for males and females to help promote muscle growth or it can be used as refeed meals while on a contest prep diet.


Musclean comes in 2lb and 5lb sizes.  Facts are based on 5lb size





The recommended dose for MuscLean is one to three scoops depending on your training and dietary goals. Our multi-scoop serving suggestion allows you to control dose size. MuscLean has no stimulants nor any ingredients where maximal dosing can limit consumption – you can use MuscLean anytime all day long to provide increased energy and enhanced recovery. Additionally, MuscLean can be stacked with other Metabolic Nutrition.*