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Myokem mTOR Pro

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mTOR Pro by Myokem

mTOR PRO New Time Released Formula!  Enjoy the tropical taste of Havana Surprise!


Benefits of mTOR PRO by Myokem

Increased Recovery Time

Less Muscle Soreness

 Improved Stamina

 Proper Hydration

 Build Muscle


Why would I use mTOR PRO

You can either use mTOR Pro to gain muscle, replace electrolytes much like a sports drink or even to lose weight.  The amino acids in mTOR PRO will help you perserve your lean muscle during a weight loss phase or it can allow to increase muscle during a bulking phase.  mTOR PRO will also be perfect for athletes that require intense training and need a supplement to help them recover.


 ActiveTR™ is a revolutionary development that causes a release of a 3 gram bolus of leucine three hours after consumption. What does that mean exactly? With mTOR PRO™, you will get the benefits of traditional BCAAs with the benefit of a second release of leucine 2.5-3 hours later. Now you can maximize MPS and the power of leucine for nearly double the time. That means less servings you have to use and endless possibilities of timing. This could be used even at night time to maximize MPS while sleeping, whereas our competitors’ products will fall very short.


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