Schiek Leather 6010 Belt( Medium)

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Schiek 6010 Lifting Belt


The 6010 Lifting Belt by Schiek Sports is made from sturdy leather with double hole prongs and a stiff backing.  These belts are made for power lifters and crossfit style lifting that will need a stiff belt to support thier back. The 6010 Lifting Belt is great if you do deadlifts and squats.  It also comes in a lot of different sizes to suit your needs.


What size belt do I choose?   

Choosing a size is the hardest part about ordering online, however we have you covered below with our sizing chart.


Waist 24"-28" 27"-32" 31"-36" 35"-41" 40"-45" 44"-50" 50"-54" 53"-58" 57"-62"
Extra cost n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a $5 extra $10 extra $15 extra