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SNS PEA-500 Xtreme

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SNS PEA-500 Xtreme

 SNS PEA 500 Xtreme is the feel good stimulant, making you focused and improves your mood throughout the day.

PEA is a natural neuromodulator in the brain that helps regulate mood, focus and stress. It is produced by the brain from the amino acid L-Phenylalanine. It is also present in cocoa and certain other foods in small amounts. Low levels of PEA are not thought to cause, but are commonly present in those with depression and ADD/ADHD.

PEA-500 Xtreme can be used by anyone looking to reduce stress or improve mood, focus, concentration, and alertness, whether for school, work, or other purposes.pea-500-xtreme-supfacts.gif