Top Selling Fat Burners

5th Feb 2014

Our current top selling fat burners are considered diet pills that basically do a couple different things to make them work. Most of these supplements either burn fat through the adrenal glands and increasing metabolic rate or through appetite supression and making the user have a sense of fullness. Lets take a look at our top 5

Top 5 Selling Fat Burners

1) Ampilean

2) Oxytherm Pro

3) Cellucor Super HD

4) Synedrex

5) Gaspari Detonate XT

Now, we have tried all of these fat burners and really telling people which one is the best is a hard decision, because whats best for one person may not be best for the other. I like oxytherm pro overall probably the best, but Cellucor's Super Hd has a great focus and energy that I like a lot. Ampilean is great for appetite supression and it works well for the people that have troubles snacking especially in the evening. Sometimes I will rotate a thermogenic on one day such as Synedrex and then Ampilean the next day so my body doesnt build a tolerance.

Why do I take them for two months and then not feel anything?

Much like anthing else we take for a while, our bodies build a tolerance. You really need to cycle the fatburning supplements and understand that these pills work but they are not a crutch for your bad habits. Use them to help you get started or to give an edge in the gym but dont expect to be able to get more and more results over 12 months. Ultimately, you will need to change your diet and learn how to eat better to keep the pounds off.