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Ursobolic Supplement

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Ursbolic Supplement

Ursobolic is a supplement which contains Ursolic Acid.  Ursolic acid was also shown to accelerate muscle growth by as much as 15% when fed to normal mice.  Interestingly, fat loss occurred simultaneously and at a rate practically inversely proportional to muscle gain.  It was almost as if fat was turning into muscle!

Ursobolic containing ursolic acid reduces fat.  It is believed that it achieves this by both enhancing lipolysis (fat burning) and blocking fatty acid synthesis.   It my also affect fat stores by blocking the cortisol activating enzyme 11b-HSD1.  With Ursobolic, the increased energy demands of simultaneous growing muscles will be fed by the body fat stores.

Who would benefit from taking Ursobolic 

Ursobolic is not going to product slabs of muscle, however the great interest is its ablity to help gain muscle while reducing fat.  Imagine getting leaner, while increasing muscle. 

Ursobolic is fat soluble so for maximum absorption it should be taken with meals that contain a little bit of fat.  The product is non-hormonal and safe, so it does not have to be cycled.