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VENOM • Musclegen Research

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In order to grow and recover you need to keep one factor in mind...The Growth Factor!  


Time waits for no man. Everyone knows we can't stop time nor turn its hands back. But we can change the way in which it affects our body! 


The aging process not only leads to a decrease in hormonal production but can accelerate the breakdown of the Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF), which can have several negative effects on the human body. 


Until now! Age like wine by supplementing natural Insulin-like Growth Factors into your daily diet with VENOM, featuring a massive amount of Velvet Antler Extract! 


VENOM by Musclegen Research, Inc. is designed reverse the negative side effects associated with of lowered IGF production with the use of Deer Antler Velvet Extract and increase anabolic product with the use of Nutrabol.


VENOM contains high potency extracts of these natural occurring growth factors, providing your body with essential raw materials need to regulate growth of muscle tissue rapidly.


Musclegen Research, Inc. uses a patented extraction process that uses a 43:1 extract and only the tips - what that means is in 43 lbs of antler raw material they eliminate 42 pounds of bone, hair, and cartilage to give you pure Velvet Antler Extract. 


You get the good stuff, and a whole lot of it! 


Look better. Feel better. Perform better. Take time by the hands and control the rate in which you age! 




What does VENOM Support?




-Increased Energy Levels


-Rapid Recovery After Workouts


-Muscle Growth/ Support


-Reduces Body Fat


-Healthy Sexual Function


-Helps Reduce Stress


-Support Immune System function




What are the active compounds in VENOM?




Velvet Antler Extract: Many studies show that velvet from elk and deer antlers have many medical benefits. Deer antler velvet is an essential growth hormone called IGF-1. Growth hormone is naturally produced by the brain and liver, and determines how much our body's grow. IGF-1 is a key factor in how the body repairs itself. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use deer antler as a performance enhancer, it is believed to heal cartilage and tendon injuries faster. It is also said to help increase endurance and strength while training. Velvet Antler is very promising in helping increasing recovery time. This ingredient is also known help people who suffer from dwarfism and stunted growth.